About the Book

Lethian, a highly respected captain, goes through multiple trials—through the world of Poseidon's intricate underwater realm, Hades' wretched abode, and Zeus' magnificent kingdom—to find his beloved, Anella, torn from him by the self-righteous gods. Join him on a journey as he encounters countless of wondrous creatures, partakes in spontaneous battles, and summons the courage to face his greatest obstacle yet. As you adhere to the hero of this tale and submerge yourself into the realm of unknown possibilities, you may come to realize that through this hero's footsteps, you may just end up finding courage in your inner self.

In Oblivion is a novel in verse, based in the time of Greek mythology, with the focus on the personages and their trials. It is written entirely in iambic tetrameter with a varied rhyme scheme throughout. Often melancholy yet largely spontaneous and energetic, its themes are that of light and darkness, kindness and malice, perseverance and despair, humility and egotism, order and chaos, hatred and love.

About the Author

David Avetisov is a traditional/digital artist whose newfound inspiration presented him with a journey, entitled 'In Oblivion.' He resides in NY where he enjoys socializing and creating art.


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Stay connected with David, and drop him a line with any questions about the book—and if you have a moment, please provide an honest review; he would very much appreciate your feedback.